Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Noel

Just took part in a Christmas swap where we were supposed to make Christmas themed ATCs (artist trading cards, if you're wondering), and we were supposed to use the traditional colour scheme of red, green and gold.  I didn't have much time to prepare all 17 pieces, so I kept it simple, and roped in my trusty helper to crank the handle of the big shot:

He loved turning the handle!

... and that same helper also helped to peel out all the cut out shapes:

Then there was a lot of assembling of parts:

... and cutting and stamping:

... then all the stuff was packed and good to go!

And here's the finished product.  Big red blooms (I was trying to make poinsettias, since they are supposed to remind us of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, but I guess they don't look so much like the real ones) and hearts.  For a season where we are reminded of God's love and sacrifice.  

And here are some of the ATCs that the other ladies did:

I'm always amazed at everyone's creativity whenever I receive the swap pieces!  Here's all of them together:

Have you done any crafting for Christmas yet?


  1. Very nice! They do kinda look like poisenttias =)

  2. Aiyo, I so love your scrap!! You inspire me, I wish I can find time to clear my dusty scrap materials & start something!

  3. Love the flowers! And a very blessed Christmas to you and your family!

  4. Wow. Your kids kept you so busy. Yet you still find time to scrap for a cause. You are doing great!!

    And the flowers look pretty. :)

    A blessed Christmas to you n your family.

  5. Those are so nice! My kids and I did some Christmas craft and handmade Christmas tree ornaments :)

  6. Evergreen: They do? Yay... I thought of cutting out the pointy petals, but didn't have time!

    Homeschool@sg: Thanks! Do start... just 15 minutes a day can produce something! ;)

    Sharon: Thanks and a blessed Christmas to you and family too!

  7. PR: Thanks... I've just been doing it in bits and bobs. Helps that the little boy wants to chip in, and he's quite good at following instructions (at least for a while!). Blessed Christmas!

    Yulia: Thanks! So nice that you got to make tree ornaments with your kids!



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