Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Fleeting

We are all down with colds.  Junior J is now coughing and rather cranky, the hubby has a bad sore throat, and my nose is like a leaky faucet.  Thankfully, Baby J has been spared thus far, but he's been rather sticky and needs to be carried during his naps.  There has been a lot of screaming and crying from both boys (tantrums from the cranky older brother, and displeasure from the younger one when he's put down in his cot).  Anyway, sniffles and screaming aside, I'm thankful for the fleeting moments that slip past us each day.  Each brings a smile to my face, and I'm glad they can be frozen in time through photography (all pics taken using the Instagram app):

One of the better naps where he is content to sleep in his cot.
But only with his Papa's "smelly" pillow to prop him up to help the reflux.

Puzzles and party hats, and good friends who want to celebrate their birthday with you.
And of course, goodies like watermelon lollies and cake help too!

A quiet moment spent arranging pebbles by intensity of colour.

The way the evening sun warms up his little face as he
busies himself with "drawing a zoo for penguin".

How the golden glow of the setting sun streams into his room.

Picnics with furry friends.  Hot tea, and alpha cakes on the menu.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm thankful for being able to work, having caring doctors who look after you, and God who leads us =)

  2. hang in there! there's a bad bug going around. my two were sick with fever recently, and many more didn't turn up at sunday school for the same reason.

    your pix remind me to take some of k's little 'plates' that she arranges whilst talking to her imaginary friends!

  3. Evergreen: :) How has work been thus far?

    Lynklee: Thanks! Yes, it seem like half the world is sick currently. My parents and in-laws are down with it too... Are both your lil girls better now? And yes, its always interesting to see their arrangements during play!

  4. I am thankful for God's grace and constant presence and thankful for you and this blog - because you live out your faith in Him for real - and share your journey so honestly with us. Blessed CHRISTmas!



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