Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Made: Christmas cards

We don't have any set family Christmas traditions yet, but I've realized making our own little cards has become an annual thing.  Last year, we made these, and this year we tried something similar, but using a different medium.  Junior J got to break out a pack of gel markers (normal markers don't show up well) and got to scribble all over red construction paper.  Then we punched the bell shapes out.  He applied the glue while I pasted the shapes down:  

He was amusing himself by sticking the shapes on the glue-stick,
 and passing them to me in this manner!

I'd help to write the words outside, and Junior J got to write those inside the card (while I held his hand).  He also tried to sneak in some scribbles here and there, and also tried adding more squiggles on those bell shapes he felt were more plain:

Guess this is going to be one of our traditions, except we'll probably try making them earlier next time!  Does your family have any Christmas traditions?


  1. Hello, stumbled upon your blog! Your creative crafts with your kiddos inspire me much :) I have yet to figure out how to entertain my 7 week old bub (aside from feeding, burping, cradling etc), since she's too young for most interaction toys etc...


  2. Elaine: Sorry for the late reply! And thanks for leaving a comment! Congrats, and enjoy your baby, you'll be having fun with her in no time at all!



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