Friday, January 13, 2012

Foodie Fridays: Bent on bento

We've more or less blundered into the world of bento recently.  Junior J has started being finicky about food again, and in my desperation I tried making his bread more interesting by cutting out shapes using cookie cutters.  And that seemed to help, so I paid a trip to Daiso... and well... suffice to say that I had to clear out a kitchen drawer to house some of the tools!

Christmas breakfast: Star-wiches... ;)

If you google the topic, you'd find that bento is quite an art in itself, and there are blogs just devoted to sneak peeks of lunch boxes.  Pinterest is also chock full of ideas, so I've been having fun dressing up Junior J's meals when the time permits.  Nothing compared to all the lovely lunches I see out there, but he's eating better, so that's enough for me!   The boy is not too fond of rice, but is more willing to eat, and eat more of it, if it's made into rice balls of different shapes:

Rice balls, seaweed, spinach, cherry tomatoes and stir-fried chicken with shitake mushrooms.

Rice balls (mixed with seaweed), scrambled egg with tomato, button mushrooms,
broccoli and greek yoghurt (for dipping, he loves this!).
I need to learn how to pack the stuff nicely though...

There's also the sandwich cutters which have been a great help for lunches.  I splurged on a Lunch Punch set, and didn't regret it since he comes running for lunch if his bread resembles some animal:

Elephants trampling in mud (mushrooms actually) under the sun
(which is part of his omelette).

Washing up becomes more complicated though, thanks to all the tools and silicon cups that need to be washed, and I'm wondering if the boy get fussy and not eat if his food isn't "embellished".  So far, I've been giving him normal meals too, and he's still eating, so phew!  Guess these bento meals will remain as treats, and they're nice during special occasions too...

Any adventures or tips of the bento-making kind to share?  Blessed weekend!


  1. I've tried it once for Ally's meal and she was so unimpressed. She took one look and said " mama, that's not going to be enough for me!" That one obviously has no problem with food.

    Then comes Max aka Mr Fussy. The bento didn't make him eat any better but he does like his bread cut into different shapes so I make it as a special treat once in a while.

  2. 2monkeygems: Its great that Ally has a good appetite! At least its one less thing to worry about...

    Just Me: :) Desperate measures by a desperate mum!



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