Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thinking Thursdays: Learning in 2012

"This is Singapore, Daffy duck!"

Junior J  has become rather picky about what he wants to learn.  No, he doesn't want to do math puzzles.  Some days he doesn't want to do craftwork, or he gives up quickly if the steps are a little tough (like trying to hold and use a scissors, where he proclaims "I'm uncomfortable, I'm tired! You cut, Mama!").  Certain activities bore him, and he gets restless and starts to fidget and ends up running away.  Most of the time, he'd rather potter around on his own and play with his toys.  Or go and talk to his little brother (or harass him).  

On any given day, he still does get a whole load of time to play (since Mama has to cook and clean and change baby diapers), and I'm all for unstructured playtime.  However, since this little boy won't be attending school anytime soon (and I'm not sure if we'll be able to find a suitable school for him when we move... if the move finally pulls through that is!), I thought it'll be good to try to be a little more focused on his learning this year.  For the past year, I've been rather haphazard, just devising learning activities as we went along, and I'm hoping to be a little more structured this year.

So some things I'm hoping to work on in 2012 are:

::  Learning about the world:  We've pasted up a world map and have started reading stories that introduce various countries, so he's been having fun locating them on the map!  It'll be particularly relevant if we move, since he'll get to experience different cultures in different countries.  Will share more about this topic soon...

:: Chinese: Using and learning the language has been rather neglected, since we always lapse into conversing with him in English... and I think its going to be worse if we move overseas!  So this year, more conversations in Chinese hopefully, and of course, more reading of Chinese books!

:: Math: He's not too keen on learning math and can't seem to sit through those Montessori type Math activities, so I'm planning to do math differently... more on that next time!

:: The Arts: We've been reading lots of books on artists, and I'm hoping to explore this theme more.  Our listening repertoire for music has been rather limited (since the boy tends to insist on listening to certain CDs over and over and over again), and I'm hoping to widen it further.

So much to learn, yet so little time... but of course, the nice thing is that every day provides its own learning opportunities.  The visit to the playground that teaches Physics.  The walk in the park that teaches  Biology. Its going to be quite an interesting year, I hope!  What will your kids be learning in 2012?


  1. Same here, my boy would probably be homeschooled till 6 years old, so I got to think through his learning activities.

    I'm taking Karen Tyler's Montessori Teacher Training online program and it's jam-packed with learning activities. Currently, we're on Practical Life, mostly fine motor skills, taking care of self, imitating what adults do (he's really into this recently anyway, like using locks, sweeping, etc.) I'm excited to introduce phonics, Geography, Botany, Zoology, etc.

    Also more challenging Shichida activities since he's in 3-year old class now. Memory games, speed reading, etc.

    Adding in a music class this week cos he has been really in singing and even simple composing (singing & humming his own songs).

    And lots of excursions too. :)

  2. We definitely need to be conversing more in Chinese in 2012. Tried to "force" ourselves to do that by instituting certain days where we speak the language. Unfortunately, it's tough to keep up with it as we always lapse into our more comfortable tongue :)

    We only started reading Chinese books on a regular basis last Dec. I was lamenting on the lack of good Chinese books in the library but realized there can be plenty of good finds if I search hard enough. And the reading does help in keeping him interested in the language so we'll continue to do more of that.

  3. U are a super mum Justina! Staying home with 2 kids and having to teach junior J and take care of baby J. I don't know how u do it babe! But hang in there!

  4. i have an idea where we're headed as T will start school next year. I just need to find time to pen down my ideas and thoughts.

    Time..time is all i need.

    ps. u're doing really well. :)

  5. Mie Vee: Wow! Sounds like an exciting year ahead!

    Joce: Do you have any Chinese books to recommend? We have the same problem, we find it hard to find good books! And I totally understand, we always lapse back into English...

  6. Joanna: Thanks babe! Actually minimum teaching gets done each day, and he still plays most of the time.. :p You hang in there too!

    Just Me: Understand! I wish I had more time to plan all those activities... plus in your case T isn't napping so its tougher on you! Take care!



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