Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend wanderings: Bits and bobs

The in-laws left for home yesterday, so today has been a busy day for us while we get back into the usual swing of things.  I asked my mum to help out during lunch, since baby J was really cranky and insisted on being carried.  All. the. time.  (I think he misses the grandparents.)  She had some make up dance class, so she turned up with a can of tuna, and asked me to make my own sandwiches, LOL.  In the end I made cheese sandwiches for Junior J and myself.  Cheese sandwiches are great when you have to eat while walking and rocking a grumpy baby, since stuff doesn't drop out when you take a bite.  

Anyway this post will be totally random, since I can't seem to gather my thoughts into any sense of coherence:

:: In an attempt to take more family photos (especially since I tend to be behind the camera, and have very little shots with the kids), we signed up for one of those photoshoots during a Groupon promotion.  The shoot was held yesterday, and didn't go too well.  Our photographer was probably used to co-operative subjects that posed for him, and we went from point to picturesque point and were asked to do this and that.  However, Junior J as usual refused to look at the camera, and I think having a stranger follow him and point a big black lens at him freaked him out.  Poor photographer kept going "boy, please look at the camera, boy, please smile", which ensured that the boy did the total OPPOSITE.  Then the hubby was asked to take off his specs since they had transition lenses and were dark from the sun.  He put them in his pocket and promptly dropped them during the shoot, and didn't realize it until much later.  We spent 20 minutes combing all the places we went to try to find his specs (he tried to find them too, but that was totally unhelpful since he couldn't see!).  Thankfully we found them in the drain.  By the end of the shoot, baby J was totally hot, and unhappy and screamed... and poor baby ended up with a really bad heat rash.  Oh well.  At least some pictures were nice.

:: I can fit into my jeans again.  Finally!  Now I can go back to the usual jeans and T-shirt uniform.  :) 

:: This CNY, I've more or less eaten my way through 2 containers of pineapple tarts.  They are terribly addictive.  No wonder I can only fit into two pairs of jeans!

:: This post comforts me on days that I feel guilty for hoping that nap time will come sooner, so that I can get a break from all that craziness.  And encourages me to treasure those kairos moments.

:: When we run out of stuff and I don't have time to write a proper grocery list, Junior J sometimes ends up eating peanut butter sandwiches if we have to dine out (I always worry cheese will go bad so I avoid using that).  While we got our ramen fix at Ramen Champion (Thanks, E, for the recommendation!), little boy chomped on omelette, bread, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and dried cranberries (we ran out of fresh fruit, and papaya's rather gross if you stuff it in a bento).

:: The hubby recently watched this and suddenly got obsessed with "West Side Story".  He just came back with the CD by the original cast (even though I had the songs, he insisted it had to be Jose Carreras), and has been singing "Maria" at the top of his voice, while substituting my name inside.  I don't know whether to be pleased or embarrassed.

:: Junior J was born on the 2nd last day of the year of the rat.  We realize he has mouse-like dietary leanings: he likes his veggies and loves cheese to bits.  Nothing brightens up his day like cheese dippers:

Ok, enough rambling now, I bet you are throughly confused if you've managed to reach the end of this post!  Have a blessed week ahead, and do join in if you can for tomorrow's grateful gathering!


  1. I discovered Glennon recently too! Love her writing (style and content), although her pieces are kinda long so I let them pile up on my Reader till I finally had to unsubscribe. Lazy me!

  2. Evelyn: I chanced across the article via a link on a friend's FB update! ;) Haha, at least there's some food for thought to plow through!



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