Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weekend wanderings: The end and beginning

Hello 2012!  Its been busy, and the end of 2011 looked like this:

Junior J's Christmas present from us: A wooden house.
I managed to score a second-hand one in tip-top condition for $30 bucks,
and thought Junior J could let his animals stay inside.
I didn't know that it came fully furnished, along with wooden dolls too!
Now he's getting the furniture bit by bit, and Mama has been secretly playing with them meanwhile. :p

We opted for a quiet family dinner at Michelangelo's for Christmas night
as my parents were sick.

Everyone gave their thumbs up of approval for the yummy dinner!

Hung out at Fidgets on Boxing Day with little S and her parents, followed by yummy
curry fish head at Curry Gardenn.
The little boy was so excited as it was his first time at this kind of indoor playground,
and couldn't sit still for a shot!

Attempted cooking Teochew style bak kut teh from scratch.
I think we more or less figured out a winning formula! :)

Tried making bento for Junior J... boy, it wasn't easy!  Now I have loads of respect for all bento-making mummies!

And 2012 started off on a winning formula: friends, family and fun. :)

01.01.12 was spent hanging out at West Coast Park.
The kids had loads of fun playing sand and trying out the flying fox.
Both fathers were aching after that though!

02.01.12 saw us heading to the bird park... and pretending to be flamingoes. :)

And of course, we had to check out the new water play area at the bird park!

Its been awfully hot the past few days, so Baby J ended up with heat rash since we were out sweating it out at the parks.  Otherwise he's been enjoying being out and about, or napping as usual:

And of course, in between naps, he's been giving us loads of gummy grins!

We're rather pooped from all that action, but 2012, here we come!  Happy new year!  How has 2012 been for you thus far?


  1. What a lovely dollhouse for Junior J! :) Would love to have one of those...now if I can only find a empty spot of space in my home. :P

    Have a lovely year ahead, you and all at home.

  2. oooh!! love the house!!! heheh I would play with it too ^^

    and such wonderful pictures of the new year :) it's been busy here, but also full of friends and family!

  3. Yup I'm in love with the house already...

  4. June: Same to you too! :) Ah and I know what you mean, our house is just cluttered with toys everywhere!

    Dr N Eple Adei: Haha, so I know I'm not alone!

    Lynklee: :) I think your little girls would love a dollhouse! Will mail you if I spot any other good deals on one! ;)



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