Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend wonderings: Rhythm

Wow, just like that, and the first week of the year has zoomed by!  It has been rather quiet on the blog front as we were busy trying to find some rhythm to our days.  2012 started off busy, and is now slowly falling into a more predictable routine.  We're still adjusting though.  

Junior J just went through a 2 week phase of waking up 6-7 times a night, due to nightmares (so he claims), night terrors, and possibly him trying to get attention from us... that turned us into rather testy, tired parents that were very inclined to flare up at any little thing, but thankfully he's now down to waking up 2-3 times a night.  To ensure he sleeps better, we've been making sure he gets plenty of exercise (usually playground visits and long walks in the park, and visits to various animals that we always meet during our walks) in the mornings and evenings, and have also resorted to climbing the stairs up to our home instead of using the lift.  Good exercise for him, and for us as well!

Playtime has been going on as usual:  

The animals have taken over the dollhouse.  And have been going "furniture shopping",
since everyday there is an additional piece of furniture inside (that seems to be effective
in maintain his interest in the house!).

And while I started off the year with grand plans on what we would be learning this year, I've had to tweak the activities since the boy's attention span seems to have decreased, and he's a lot more fidgety and uncooperative these days.  He is still very happy to potter about the house and engage in his own imaginative play, for which I'm really glad.

Baby J has been more sticky these days, needing to be carried for certain naps.  When he's awake, he's a more serious baby compared to his brother.  While he doesn't smile that often, he sure is one chatty baby, and coos and gurgles at us, especially to his brother...

The first week has been fruitful, and here's to a blessed 2nd week of the year!  We're starting to prepare for Chinese New Year, as well as for Junior J's birthday, so its going to be interesting...


  1. Happy New Year! Glad to read that you and family are settling into a routine :) I just noticed Baby J's hair stands! My boy's exactly like that too! Aww... how I miss those times.... :) Have a blessed 2012!

  2. hahah! Baby J's eyebrow quirk is so cute! Really makes him look like he's deep in thought.
    Good to know Juju is sleeping better now. It really does drain on you when you don't have enough rest!

  3. Ruth: Thanks! :) Have a blessed year too, and haha, yes, I think it does for most kids with hair! :)

    Dr N Eple-Adei: Haha yes, he always has that thoughtful frown... :)



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