Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday scrapping: Just popping by...

... to say hello since its been rather crazy this week and I've not had the time or energy to write a proper post since Tuesday!  The hubby was on leave and then promptly fell sick, and we've been trying to scout for an apartment to no avail, amidst trying to sort out other admin, plus deal with a really cranky Junior J (whose night wakings have disturbed everyone's sleep), and a cranky baby J (who just had his shots).  

House hunting has been tough.  One really odd thing is that renters seem to be reluctant to rent out a 1 bedroom place to a family, even when we explain that we will get an additional mattress for Junior J to sleep on.  Which sorta leaves us with only 2 bedroom apartments, many of which are larger places which are way beyond our budget, especially since we would need a place with a functional kitchen.  We've been trawling site after site, and blurring our way since 90% of the sites are in German.  I've learnt more Deutsch these few days than during one term of language course I think (They love their abbreviations, like Singaporeans.  For example, a fitted kitchen is denoted EBK, for einbaukuche.)!

Anyway, I just wanted to share an art journal I made for a friend.  She's a painter and paints lovely pictures, and I thought a little journal with blank card stock pages would be useful for sketches.  So the cover's loaded with lots of flowers since she loves painting flowers:

And there's this large chipboard postcard that I really love (chipboard stickers all from Basic Grey):

And here's the full thing:

Papers from 7Gypsies.  Chipboard stickers from Basic Grey.  Prima flowers... Papermarket Alphabites lettering.

And before I crash into bed, this blog was nominated twice for the Liebster blog award, by a new scrappy friend, Michelle, that I met through a local interest group, as well as Melinda, an expat blogger based in SG.  Thanks!  The award supposedly originates from Germany (Ah ha! Talk about coincidences!!!).  "Liebster" means favourite, and the award is supposed to showcase blogs with less than 200 followers.  To accept the award, each awardee is supposed to blog about the award and link back to the person who nominated them, plus pass on the award to another 5 blogs (please drop by those blogs to let them know they have been nominated!)...    

I'm passing on this award to these 5 other blogs:
:: E @ the Bottomsup blog
:: Dorcas @ This is my life and these are my stories
:: Bing @ Small.force.field
:: Joanna @ Jo's scrap journey
:: Pooi @ Wishing stars

All these ladies are wonderfully creative people and I've enjoyed reading their blogs. Ok, gotta run, have a blessed weekend!



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