Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Aspects of love

Hello! We are all down with the flu, and have been spending most of our time at home (save for a lunch date this afternoon with some new-found friends).  Am still rather under the weather, but its Valentine's day, so I'm thankful for aspects of love that are all around us:

:: God's beautiful creation that inspires.  And helps to keep us going, from the clouds that bring rain, to the sun that gives us light and makes things grow.

:: Homes that are filled with love.  From family to treasured things...

... to having meals together...

... as well as holding all those things you need for some TLC, when you are having a flu!

:: A father's love, that patiently instructs as a little boy learns to do the dishes:

... and never fails to respond to the request of "just one more book?".

:: Loving friends that give thoughtful gifts, and more importantly, lend a listening ear when you need one:

Junior J's luggage was a gift from his Godma.  He's been packing and unpacking it,
and trundling around the house with it.

:: A brother's love, that always provides a hand to hold:

... and hands that willingly make something for baby:

:: A baby's love, that consist of snuggles and snuffles and little gummy smiles, that make holding them such a heart-melting experience:

What are you thankful for this week?  If you could, do join us again to give thanks, by adding your link (to your specific blog post) below:

And once more, to encourage your readers to gather as well, don't forget to copy and paste the code below and place it at the bottom of your blog post.  Have a blessed blessed week, and count your blessings!

Mum in the Making

PS: My apologies for not popping by during the last grateful gathering, or replying emails and comments... its been an overwhelming week, with the flu, plus apartment hunting and prep for Germany.  Hope to get back into the swing of things sometime soon!


  1. Gratitude and love are the greatest medicine, if you ask me. :P Hope you guys regain full health very soon. Love the brotherliness photo and the one with little boy learning to do the dishes. Very manly indeed... ;)

  2. I hope you are all feeling much better now! Oh, and do remember to pack meds along to Germany... even simply things like Panadol & Strepsils. I don't know how it's like in Germany, but here in the US I am finding it really hard getting medicine for simple ailments like sore throats and fevers that I am used to...

  3. Hope you are feeling better! It's certainly exhausting juggling the prep for the move on top of the daily routine. And being unwell amidst all the busyness. I can imagine how stretched you feel. Take care!

    Love the photo of Junior J holding his brother's hands. Very endearing :)

  4. June: Hahaha... manly. :) We are all better now, thank you!

    Florence: Yes we are! Thanks! And thank you for the advice, we are planning to bring some meds (esp for the boys) along... how are you settling in the states?

  5. Joce: Yup, thanks! Yes, that's my fav shot for the week too. :)

  6. We're doing good here, thanks for asking! Love the changing seasons! But where we are we barely get any snow... I'm sure you're going to get to enjoy lots of snow (and snowmen building) in Germany!

  7. Florence: Sorry for the late reply! Haha, not too sure about the snow, but sure hope there is. :) Great to know you're doing good!



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