Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday scrapping: Moving to Munster

Hurray!  The hubby managed to buy a USB cable the other day (for some strange reason, their card readers, which come with a USB cable, are cheaper here compared to the USB cable sold on its own).  Anyway, that means I can get the pics out from my poor constipated SLR... and today, the internet guy came to set up our line, so now we have a faster internet connection too!  

Before we left for Germany, I managed to cut up loads of paper and bind them into a couple of mini albums.  These I didn't have time to embellish, so I just packed the albums (plus a few made by another lovely scrapper friend) plus some scrap materials and brought them along for the move.  There wasn't much space or weight allowance for scrap stuff, so I brought the basics, like some extra patterned paper, tools like scissors and the cutterpede (which was one generously given to me by a friend, thanks babe!), ink, a couple of sets of stamps... and for embellies I just grabbed some and stuffed them into a box.  

So here's an album made to chronicle the first few months of our stay here:

:: I always wish I had Ali Edward's handwriting.  Since I don't, I end up getting her stamps instead!

:: My current fav: Resin flowers.  Didn't bring many of these though!

:: Of course, there had to be a bicycle.  After all, Munster is supposedly the bike capital of Germany...

:: Life has been crazy busy with me taking care of both kids on my own, but life is good... so here's a reminder!

:: I used seam binding for the spine, thought it was a nice change from the usual ribbons...

:: And the full cover:

Now I really gotta get down to journalling those moments down in this book! 


  1. Looks amazing!! Such great colors too =D

  2. Hey! Glad the cutterpede is coming in handy for u! And that all is well in Germany..take care!!

  3. Wow, you still have time for scrap booking. Hope your family's settling down well.

  4. Dr N Eple-Adei: Thanks!

    Jo: Yes it has been most useful, even for activities for the little boy! Thanks so much...

    Susan: Haha, I just try to squeeze in bits of time here and there...



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