Friday, May 11, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Trapped

There are days where I feel trapped.  Like the past few days, where there is the endless cycle of chores, children, cleaning, blending into a haze of tiredness.  The baby has been very cranky for the past week, waking up every 2 hours or so at night, crying during the day when he gets put down, and he's not been napping well.  The big boy has been having tantrums off and on, some which result in screaming and crying.  I've been cooking and cleaning and things just doesn't seem to ease off.  Just a few days back, the hubby casually remarked that he bought the sofa but didn't get to use it... since it was buried under a mountain of clothes waiting to be folded, but I just didn't have the time!

And then there was today, with its series of unfortunate events.  First, Junior J took a tumble down a flight of steps when we were headed out to the supermarket.  Then he decided to hop down the steps after we were done shopping and dropped the tub of yoghurt he was carrying, and it splattered yoghurt everywhere... Finally, when I was out in the balcony hanging out the laundry, the big boy decided to do something he'd never done before: close the balcony door, and turn the handle.  Which effectively meant I was locked outside, with the two kids inside the house.  I've heard of kids getting themselves locked IN, into change rooms, or rooms in their house, but I've not heard of kids locking their parents OUT.  At least not on purpose!

So I was outside, shouting instructions to the boy to turn the handle.  The thing about the glass doors in Germany: their handles are able to turn 180 degrees.  Turn it to point upwards, and the door tilts to allow air to enter from the top of the door, turn it to point downwards and it locks.  The handle must be in a horizontal position for the door to open, and this handle was inside the house.  Junior J, try as he might, could not turn the handle to the correct position as he was too short.  I asked him to climb onto the window sill that was just next to the door, but again, he was unable to adjust the handle.  He got frustrated and nearly started crying, and I was panicking.  Even if I figured out how to jump off the balcony to the garden below (we stay on the 2nd storey), I did not have the keys to open our house door, and the keys were not accessible to the kids.  My handphone was inside the house so I couldn't call the hubby.  And if I were to shout and someone were to hear me, they too, would not be able to get into the house, and Junior J could not reach the lock to the main door.  So I muttered a quick prayer.  And then I asked the boy to push his high chair to the door.  He climbed up his chair (we are using a Tripp Trapp which allow kids to climb up and down on their own), and after loads of shouting instructions to turn the handle up or down (as he kept turning it too high or too low), he managed to adjust it to the correct angle for me to open the door.

So lesson learnt.  In times when you are trapped, pray.  And just do the next thing.  And somehow, you'd make it through, with God's grace.  Oh, and always watch out for kids fiddling with doors.

Ok, and this is really late, but my thankful list for the week:

:: Our Father, who gets us out of the tightest of spots.  And who gives strength when you feel like you can't go on.

:: This big boy.  He drives me crazy some days with those tantrums, but most days he's simple and easily contented.  Nothing makes him happier than for him to just sit amidst the grass and pick daisies:

:: This little baby, who is delighted when you take time to play with him:

:: Walks when we make it out.  Because we never know what we might chance upon, be it showers of blossoms:

... or pretty white blooms.

:: Thoughtful friends and happy mail days (thanks, SY, once again!):

:: Little pockets of beauty spotted, like this plant bursting with purple flowers (plus that zebra-striped scooter!), which make life a little prettier:

What are you thankful for?

Mum in the Making


  1. it's true, nothing beats a prayer. :) Glad you are alright. Lessons to be learnt so it only makes you stronger. Great photos as always! Take care!

  2. it's true, nothing beats a prayer. :) Glad you are alright. Lessons to be learnt so it only makes you stronger. Great photos as always! Take care!

  3. I can't imagine what I would have done in the same situation - mostly likely panicked. I think you handled it very well! And yes, we should pray often, especially in times of trouble.

  4. Reading your blog always make me feel like I'm normal. I've got craziness, laundry, crankiness to deal with at my end so it's comforting to know someone is facing the same wether in sin or Germany! I'm sure it wasn't funny when you were locked outside, but it did bring a smile to my face especially when it ended well. :)

  5. I am thankful that I have been given a second chance at life after a harrowing experience last week. I try to pray often but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the reminder :)




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