Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Messy Mittwoch: Its the little details...

... that make a difference.  So in an attempt to remind myself to think positive, I've started printing out and putting up quotes and verses.  This one's above the dining table, a good reminder as we start the day with breakfast.

Go here for the printable (and more verses too!).  The roses were chosen by Junior J during our supermarket trip, and he paid the cashier and carried it all the way home.  I love how the flowers come thoughtfully packaged with a little pack of powder for mixing into the water to help the flowers stay fresh longer:

Oh, and these Easter eggs from a friend are sitting on the window sill of our dining room (yes, we are still slowing going through them!).  The colours make me smile:

Do you have little corners in your house that make you smile?

PS: Thank you for your encouragement and prayers after my previous post.  I realize I need to keep looking and hoping in Him!

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