Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Down but not out

I've been feeling rather down recently.  Perhaps its tiredness from all that non-stop housework and picking up after 3 boys.  And chasing that baby who has started crawling.  Or maybe its those feelings of inadequacy, as I wonder how other mums manage to make homeschooling so fun, while being able to manage the home (and even scrap!), while I am just struggling to get cooked meals to the table on time, let alone have planned activities for the kids.  These days, I breathe a big sigh of relief when afternoon naptime rolls by, and I get a short breather before having to wash up the mess from lunch and start cooking dinner.  Does it get easier?

Whatever the case, I've been telling myself to just do the next thing and keep moving on. And God has been reminding me in His Word about how it is only in Him can we find satisfaction.  That we should place our hopes in Him, since He is the only one that is perfect.  So this week, I am thankful for:

:: Light streaming through and dappling everything in its path:

:: Friends.  Who listen and chat with you.  And give you happy mail days, or help to bring up stuff to you.

:: Playtime in all its forms:

:: Good health for the whole family.  

:: Fresh produce bursting with flavour:

:: Giggles and laughter about the sillest things:

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. I'm thankful for family who help out in the early days of a newborn so I could rest (and surf the net).

    Hope you have a better rest of the week!

  2. Don't be too stressed about homeschooling. The whole idea is to let your children learn all that's around them, not just curriculum. There are many who post on their blogs like they could handle it all, but everyone of us has our own special ability. I bet 100% that they have more of such days than you or me when they try to squeeze in too much at one go! I admire your creativity and good cooking skills to whip up healthy home-cooked food for the whole family - that's education in itself as you teach your boys to eat healthily! In years to come, they will remember fondly the bentos that mama has made for them, not so much that you made them do worksheets, although I think your craft sessions are definitely note-worthy!!!

  3. Don't be too stressed. I admire your courage of living in a foreign land with 2 kids and no help at all. You are doing so fine!!!

  4. Hope that you're feeling much better this week. It's not easy to be all on your own with no family support and 2 kids. You're doing great and don't let the things you have to do overwhelm you.

  5. Hey Jus, I think we all struggle with similar feelings from time to time, but I pray His grace will always be apparent and real to you especially during such moments. I too think you're doing a fab job, and there's so much behind every mum that we usually don't see. Encouraged that you're able to keep being thankful despite circumstances, which is something I need to do too.

  6. Jus, I think u deserve a big pat on the back! It's ok to feel down. U don't have to be perfect, none of us are! After all, you have had some pretty tough times! A new baby, a (2?) big babies to look after and in the midst of it all a big move overseas! You should b so proud of yourself! Xx



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