Friday, July 27, 2012

Bento Boxes: Learning about countries

Breakfast over here is rather boring.  Most days, I find it hard to crawl out of bed early, so usually we keep the first meal of the day simple.  Junior J usually ends up eating cereal with fruit and milk, and he seems quite ok with it.  However, I thought I'd try to put in a little more effort in giving him more variety, and couldn't resist tying up some of his meals to what we've been learning during the week (this time we've been exploring the book "How to make an apple pie and see the world"):

:: Day 1: Italy, wheat.

:: Day 2: France. 

I tried making an Eiffel tower, but it was a little tough doing it with rice!
:: Day 3: Jamaica, banana boat.

This was his dinner: fried rice topped with omelette, seaweed and beans.

:: Day 4: England, milk.

:: Day 5: Sri Lanka, cinnamon and elephants in rainforests...

We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner, along with baked bell peppers.
I wanted to make a bento with the Sri Lankan flag, but the sword-holding lion
bit was just too hard to make!
:: Day 6: Vermont, USA.

Each time Junior J got a flag (I printed them from here), he would get to find the country and stick the flag up on our world map: 

I'm hoping to add loads more to this flag collection, will see how it goes!  Oh, and meanwhile, if you're in need of breakfast ideas like I am, do stay tuned for a yummy breakfast series by blogger moms starting 1st Aug!  Blessed weekend!


  1. what a healthy and fun way to learn about flags! very creative :)

  2. Wow very creative indeed, Jus! Can't wait to see the one you're doing for National Day :)

  3. O Tulip Mama: Thank you! It was fun thinking up those meals. :p

    Susan: Heehee, thanks for the reminder to write about that one! :)

  4. I recently started blogging to teach kids & parents about world geography. I love these ideas & how you incorporated them into your daily life! Great stuff.



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