Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Made: A page and some playdough

Hello!  Remember this album for Junior J?  I admit I've not filled up most of the pages yet.  So over the weekend, I took a little bit of time and did one page (yup, one page, but better that nothing!): 

That yellow flower reminds me of dandelions, which he loves to pick!

The pictures on the stamps are significant: He loves to pick daisies, and likes to chase the birds and rabbits!

That's the boy pretending to be a spinosaurus, complete with spines attached to his back!

I'm so glad I managed to scrap a little.  Those months seem to fly by and the boys are growing up way to fast!

Oh, and we made some home-made playdough too.  Here it is waiting for Junior J to mold in the colour, if he's game to:

Here's to a blessed week ahead!

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