Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Jumbled

This week, we are thankful for the tumble and jumble of everyday life.  For quiet moments...

... and crazy mornings (some jumping on the bed and bumps and knocks included).

For food that fill our tummies, from squishy, messy purees:

This little boy has sprouted his 3rd and 4th incisors.  We're glad he's been eating much better this week.
He simply loves his blueberries!

... to yummies from friends:

From a rather new-found friend, who also helped us to get a whole load
of Asian food as well.

And this came in the mail, and went into the pot pretty quickly!

... and even mish-mashed lunches!

Junior J prepares lunch for me almost everyday,
and leaves it on the dining table for me.  

For growth, from clothes that no longer fit:

I recently packed baby J's clothes and passed a whole pile to a friend who's expecting.
I always feel nostalgic packing up those little suits

... to the summer scarlet bursts of poppies in bloom along golden fields of wheat:

... and the ripe sweetness of berries and currants in season.

Above all, we are thankful for all that God has provided, and how He watches over us through this tumbling and jumbling.  What are you thankful for?

Mum in the Making

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