Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Capsicum Cake

Today didn't start off too good.  Leaky nose and cough, plus a headache to boot.  Grouchy baby who woke up early.  3 year old who has been holding poop in, resulting in soiled pants and lots of washing to do while baby wailed at being left alone.

By 10.30 am I was starting to feel light-headed, so I grabbed the nearest thing (potato chips) and started eating.  And then went off to feed baby.  The boy, seeing me stuff my face, asked me "are you hungry, mama?".  And then he trotted off to his play kitchen, and came back with this:

"Because you didn't eat enough potato chips, you have to eat capsicum cake", he declared, and proceeded to feed me the pieces.  The baby tried to grab a mouthful too, but got pushed away by the big boy with a "no, baby J, you can only eat this when you are bigger, ok?".

And here are the steps to make the cake, as described by Junior J:
1. Take a piece of bread and put a burger bun on it.
2. Put another bread on it.
3. Put capsicum on top.
4. Bake it in the oven.
5. Eat it, its very yummy!

And that's his recipe for capsicum cake.  To me, that's a recipe for making mama smile!



  1. that's soooo sweet. Hope he never finds out how much yummier potato chips are! :)

  2. Hope your days are getting better and better. It is not easy to travel with young children. I had it before, though it was a short trip. The feeling of helpless enough to be miserable! But thinking back now, it was like a test to all of us as a family in a cold stranger's place. And somehow, it makes me liking traveling with kids more;).

  3. This is SO SWEET and definitely one heartwarming cake! =)

  4. Aww! That's so sweet of Junior J!

  5. Nerdymum: LOL! We tell him potato chips are "grown-up chips" and he's sorta content with eating his own apple chips. :p

    PC: That's a nice way of looking at it! And yes, am feeling much better today, thank God!

  6. Klessis and Lilium: Yup! He can be really sweet at times when he's not driving me up the wall. :) Guess that's kids for you!

  7. This made me smile from ear to ear. He's such a sweet boy! And pretend play sometimes yeild the funniest moments, don't you think?

  8. June: Yes it does! They can be so funny when they play, while being so serious about it! :)



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