Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thinking Thursdays: Growing

Remember I mentioned we were growing our own herbs from seed kits?  When we left for Norway, the seeds were just beginning to sprout.  They were obviously working hard when we were away (thanks to our kind neighbour who helped us water them):

And now they have grown even more, especially the parsley, which has gone a little bonkers.  The lemon balm is still rather reserved though:

Junior J has been rather excited about those little shoots.  As for me, I'm rather happy with my mint plant, which was actually left over from a bunch of mint we bought at the supermarket.  We plonked it in a glass of water, it grew roots and we potted it, and now its doing pretty well:

And to further explore the topic of plants, we've read two books:

:: One Bean, by Anne Rockwell:  This story traces the life cycle of a bean plant, and its great for any child wanting to plant his own beans!

:: Plant Secrets, by Emily Goodman: Again, this book describes the life cycle of flowering plants.  However, this book uses the example of 4 different plants instead, and gives loads of examples.

Are you growing any plants with your child?


  1. Wah! Your plants are growing! I dun have such luck with the chives I bought from the supermarket. Am a lazy sourcing out the nursery. Maybe I will try planting the mint as you did! :)

  2. I wanted to grow my own herbs too! That day I saw a pot of rosemary, wanted to buy, hubs say "No need lah! We can get rosemary at the supermarket. A big bunch cost only a few dollars" but.. but.. but... growing own herbs is different ma *poutz*

    What kind of soil do u use? Teach me teach me!

  3. Lilium: Sometime I suspect its the climate, SG's weather can shrivel up seedlings very quickly! But yes, mint and other asian herbs might be the way to go. :)

    DinoMama: Hahaha, yes I agree! We actually bought a pot of rosemary and have been using bits of it for cooking. I didn't have to buy soil, as the seed kits came with soil pods that only require you to add water to them! But I think normal potting soil would do. :)



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