Friday, July 6, 2012

Peas, please!

For this two weeks, blogger mommies from Singapore would be sharing about their journey through motherhood, and how it has changed them.  If you have your own motherhood story to share, do link-up at the bottom of the post! 

Today's post is by Jasmine. She is one crafty mama, and I've been enjoying her cooking adventures! Here's what she has to say:
Hi! I am excited to be here today! My name is Jasmine and I have two little boys who are 3 years and 6 years who make me smile. Do drop by and visit me at my blog at Gift Wrapsody.


When I was pregnant, I used to wonder whether I would be able to truly love my kids. I mean, the standards for mums are high. Mothers are supposed to be super-sacrificial. They will go to great lengths for their kids.
I mean, my mum tells us that her favourite part of the chicken is the back. I used to believe her but come on, who really likes eating the chicken back. I mean, you either choose the chicken breast or the thigh. No one really likes the back of the chicken.  

Well, I couldn’t quite imagine whether I would be able to love them as I ought to but I assumed the love would eventually come, hopefully...

So has Motherhood magically changed me? Not immediately but here’s the point when it all began.

My older son, Jaeden was 6 months old when he started on solids.

The books say that if your baby has been introduced to diverse tastes, he will not reject them when he is older. Oh, how I believed them!
I fed him every vegetable I could find.
I even fed him peas.

I don’t like peas. I have never liked peas.
They are smushy and powdery.
My apologies if you are a pea-lover but I was just never one.

But then I became a mum.

I wanted the best for my child.
I wanted him to grow as fast as he could.
I wanted him to have high levels of protein.

So I vowed to feed him peas.

I found a recipe called cheesy peasy rice which I thought sounded edible.

You see, the books also tell you that you should eat the food that your kids eat. Just to encourage them to try it.

So hmm, I had to try the peas too.
At first, I ate just a couple.
They weren’t great but I could tolerate them (and pretend to like them).

But over time, I surprised myself because I actually grew to like the peas.
Maybe it was just a good recipe but the fact is, I was eating peas!

I was eating peas so my son would like them.

He was mine and I loved him.
Enough to eat peas.

And that was it.

That was the defining moment where I knew motherhood was slowly changing me because I knew that deep down, I was willing to do my best for my son. And strangely, it was also changing me for the better.

Oh and today, does my son eat peas?

Let’s just say, we’re still working on that.

How has motherhood changed you?  Link-up below if you have a story to share!


  1. love the way you told your story of love! guess it's about the little changes, which are really big changes after all.

  2. Maybe I should get that recipe from you, Jasmine! I don't like peas myself. I pass the ones on my plate to my kids. Hah. My son doesn't seem too fond of them but my daughter does eat them. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Hi Jasmine!!

    I can totally relate. I don't like having to practise double standards too, but until he can find his own way in life, I think we love them enough to try to give them with the best.

    That includes peas and green stuff.

    BabyMoo loves peas. And spinach... but that's about it. No other greens or vegetables, and he's able to taste them no matter how I cook them to death or hide them in meatballs.

    His Daddy is the same - or maybe worse because he doesn't eat ANY vegetables. He's been eating greens because his son loves to have whatever Daddy eats.

    The things we do for love :)

  4. Lovely story. I don't like peas either but like you, I am the official food taster of everything that goes into the royal system.

    I pretend to like coriander (just because I want the kid to love greens) and now he thinks they are my favourite and stuffs them right into my mouth and insists i eat them, "mummy! your favourite! you EAT!" and I have to, under watchful eyes, swallow that piece of food decor.

  5. Hi Evelyn, love your earlier post too. Glad you liked the story.

    Thanks mummybean. It was from the Gina Ford Baby and Toddler Cook Book. Quite similar to this one.

    Regina, that is so sweet that your husband eats veggies so your son will! It is true the things that we do for love :)

    Nerdymum, your coriander story made me laugh! You are a great mum.

  6. Love this post, Jasmine! I totally regret not working on Vera and her peas (and other green stuff) earlier. And I think you've just inspired me to work harder on Javier now, with 'em peas. So thank you.



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