Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: The power of presence

Someone recently shared this post, and it bothered me alot.  Bothered me because I was also guilty of being distracted.  Not just distracted by my phone (or perhaps laptop), but of mentally not being there, right here, right now.  You know how it is, when the little boy is telling you his story, and you are going "uhuh", while thinking of how to cook lunch in 15 minutes.  Or how I keep saying "later, when we have time", while juggling baby and a plate of food.  Or how I tend to nag and stop some forms of play because of dirt, or sometimes, because I just feel tired.  Distracted mothers can certainly be a drag!

After reading that mother's story, I decided I needed to be present.  To try to pay attention when someone was speaking (even though it was just a long-winded make-up story of a badger fighting a tapir).  I switched off all my Facebook and Instagram notifications, so that I would be less tempted to check my phone (and here are more tips from another mother on unplugging), and stopped using my laptop totally when the kids were awake.  Those are small steps, and I'm slowly getting there.  Meanwhile, we are having more crazy games (like throwing soft blocks in a "block fight") and doing more singing and dancing.

And we're trying, not just to be present, but to also to celebrate each little moment in the mundaneness of it all.  After all, each day is one that God has made.  Shouldn't we rejoice for each and every day that we are given, and be thankful for the moments that each day brings?

So we're trying to make it a point to sit together and chat during dinner, and are attempting not to be so distracted with having to feed both kids and getting baby to bed.  And we officially opened Junior J's natural history museum with a bang, with red ribbon cutting:

... by a VIP wearing a hat with German colours, to the cheers of our many animal guests:

... and ended off the ceremony with cookies that we baked together.

So I am thankful.  For each new day.  That we have this opportunity to be present for others.  That we can celebrate little moments, share small joys and savour milestones.  For others who are trying to be present too, and sharing their stories.  

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Wow, I really admire and respect your commitment!! I know I check my phone for messages FB, emails and Instagram updates WaaaayyY more than necessary throughout the day too. And am constantly whipping it out to snap and post pics on Instagram! Not sure if I could totally not check, the way you do, but perhaps it's time to limit myself a bit more, so I can be more present with my boys. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Dotz: Thanks, let's keep trying together! :)



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