Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend wanderings: Aboard the Color Fantasy

We spent the past two weeks in Norway visiting my SIL's family.  In order to get there, we drove and stopped over at Hamburg for lunch.  Then we spent an evening walking around in Kiel, which was quite a pretty city:

We then drove aboard a ship, the Color Fantasy, which brought us all the way to Oslo.  (And we also took the ship back to Kiel at the end of the trip.)  That was quite an interesting experience, but I think the hubby didn't enjoy it that much since he gets seasick.  

One thing I love about being on a ship is how all the stuff in the rooms are nice and compact, from the sofa bed that pulls out to become a bed for Junior J:

... to the extra bunk bed that is hidden in the ceiling and can be flipped down! (The ladder for the bed was stowed inside the cupboard.  Initially we were wondering what the ladder was for.  The hubby even suggested it was to enable us to reach the top shelf of the cupboard, which was rather strange, since that space was tiny!)

Junior J loved climbing up and rolling about.
Lots of space for everyone, even for diaper-changing!

Another strange thing was that we were told that the mini-bar was included in the cabin charge (I was doubtful about this, and kept clarifying with various staff), so we did help ourselves to the drinks.  Guess we'll find out when our bill comes!

We managed to book a cabin with a window looking out to sea for the return trip, and the big boy had a nice time peering out and looking at all the scenery...

Food on board was extremely expensive (then again, almost everything in Norway was expensive!).  We ended up eating at the cheaper Italian restaurant.  However, breakfast was included in our cabin charge, and was at this lovely restaurant that had a really nice view:

All in all, it was quite a nice experience, even though the sea was rather rough during the return journey.  Junior J seemed to enjoy himself though, and got to play at the Lego play area and run around to his heart's content!


  1. Breathtaking photos and I know what you mean about compact spaces. I love seeing how much they can hide in a small space.

  2. Lovely pictures!! and that's one amazing chandelier too! glad you all had a great time visiting :D

  3. I'll love to visit Norway one day, thanks for sharing these awesome shots. :)

  4. Jasmine: Thanks, and yup, its pretty fun to open up all the cupboards and see all the things that have been hidden inside!

    Dr N Eple Adei: Oh yes, now that you mention it, it is pretty nice, especially against those huge glass windows! Hope you have been keeping well!

    Dana Mommy & Daddy: :) We loved the nature bits of it, I think your family would enjoy it!



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