Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday scrapping: Playing catch up

Time has zoomed by and baby J is approaching 9 months soon!  I realized this with a start a few days back, and guiltily decided to get started on filling up his baby album.  What used to be a ritual of making a monthly 12x12 layout for all those milestones in Junior J's case, has now devolved into no scrapping at all for the both of them... so I'm desperately trying to play catch up on recording those memories!

Anyway, the boys seem to know when I'm up scrapping at night, since both of them would then proceed to wake up numerous times (Junior J woke up crying 5 times and I had to feed baby J 4 times!).  In the end, I only managed to print and work on 3 pages for the album.  I've kept them really simple (photo, washi, and space for journalling), since there's no time to pile on embellies (which I don't have much anyway!):

Loads of washi, plus space for journalling that is slotted behind the photo.

I love this Dear Lizzy stamp!

Somehow, the silver striped washi made it to every page.  Its certainly versatile!

Now I've gotta add all the journalling in, plus start filling up Junior J's album too... guess I'll just have to do it in baby steps!  


  1. It's cool that you are still finding time to do all this, even if it means a little at a time. Seriously. So give yourself a pat on the back and maybe get more chicken essence or coffee if you plan on more late nights of scrapbooking. Jia you! =)

  2. Beautiful album ... I envy how you still find time to scrap with 2 boys!! I have all the stash at home but haven't found the time to put together even a single layout for Julianne. Sigh .... Keep those lovely creations coming.

  3. Summer: Thank you! Will just take it a bit at a time! Hmmm, btw is chicken essence available over where you are?

    Sher: I've given up on layouts since there's too much space to fill up! Now its just 6x6 mini albums, and I try to do it bit by bit. Perhaps 15 minutes a day? I think it will get easier when Julianne is older, so hang in there!



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