Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 Steps Closer To Being Supermom

For the past two weeks, blogging mommies from Singapore have shared about their journey through motherhood, and how it has changed them.  I hope you've enjoyed reading their stories, and stay tuned for the second part of this series which kicks off in September!

To end our series with a bang, let's welcome Sarah, who runs a fully-operational domestic circus.  She is the resident ring-mistress, artistic director, choreographer, wardrobe mistress, cook and janitor. When her hands are free of the spatula, laundry and kids, she makes the effort to retrieve her sanity by connecting with other parents at The Playful Parents.


Just recently, I shared my epiphany about how every mom can hope to be a Supermom. I titled it ‘What Every Supermom Wannabe Should Read’.

My epiphany about how to be a Supermom has come from my near-2000-days of motherhood and surviving many near-death encounters on the Treacherous Mountain of Motherhood.

My conclusion is simple: Supermom is like Santa Claus. She doesn’t exist.

But why then is the Supermom still so often revered, or reviled, depending who you ask, in our contemporary society? To fully understand how this whole Supermom hullabaloo started, I guess we all first need to understand how real she is.

I won’t repeat what I wrote in my epiphany that I have fondly nicknamed ‘Dirty Secrets of Supermom’ but it should suffice to say that Supermom was indeed inspired by real women. Real women I like to call the Super-Triple-S Moms.

There are other types of Super Moms around for sure like the Super-Spontaneous or the Super-Sandwiched. But it is none other than this Super-Triple-S Mom who started this Supermom phenomenon. She is THE Super Structured-Systematic-Scheduled Mom.

This Super-Triple-S Mom seems to have it all, and seems to taunt us with her ‘It’s possible if you only try’ remarks when we ask her how she does it. (She’s too annoyingly like one of those Stepford wives.)

Yet, please don’t hate her (though I do often enough myself but hatred cannot be good for our health). The truth is also that if we calm ourselves down a little, and pluck out our eyeballs that are greening with jealousy, we could all benefit from learning a trick or two from this Super Structured-Systematic-Scheduled Mom.

Lessons To Learn from This Super-Triple- SSS Mom

Structure: Rules and routines for every conceivable event and action are established and enforced. These help to get the clockwork of household and appropriate behaviours up and running.

System: Rules and routines come together to form a system for getting things done around the house. This system eventually influences the culture, tempo and rhythm of your home.

Schedule: Planning what happens in a day/week/month and year helps you get a grip on things. Putting important events down on a family calendar can help everyone remember them. Allocating regular slots of time for household chores and assigning the duties to every family member can help ensure everyone does their part in maintaining the home. It doesn’t matter how or where you decide to write these schedules down, but it is just important that you do take the time and effort to plan your time well.

There you have my hard-earned practical lesson about how I think we can stumble find our own way toward Sainthood Supermom-hood.

In case you are wondering about whether I have attained this Supermom abilities, the answer is ‘no’. But I’m slowly working on it…killing one ant at a time, cleaning out kitchen drawer at a time. Progress is slow but sure.

What are you thoughts on being a Mom?  Link up below if you have a story to share!


  1. Ikwym... But I look at her and know I wouldn't wanna become her. For quite a few reasons. :)

  2. Littlebluebottle: Haha, I sorta know what you mean! :)



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