Friday, July 13, 2012

Change takes time

For this two weeks, blogger mommies from Singapore would be sharing about their journey through motherhood, and how it has changed them.  If you have your own motherhood story to share, do link-up at the bottom of the post! 

Today, we welcome Ai Sakura, who writes at Sakura Haruka, a Singapore Parenting & Lifestyle Blog.  The blog features her musings on raising a cute toddler daughter, and her passions in food, fashion, travel and photography.  She is also a social media enthusiast, so you can also catch her on FacebookTwitterPinterest & her current addiction,Instagram!


People often say that having a kid is a huge change in your lifestyle, and that it changes you. It is not to say that the moment you hold your little one in your arms at the hospital, you are a totally different person. No, the change takes time I think…  

Time for you to realize that you are more patient than before when your kid takes 15 minutes to put on a shoe. Time for you to realize that you are more efficient than before when you can clean the house, get the kid to school, cook, do laundry and wash the dishes all before lunchtime. Time for you to realize that you are more understanding than before when you give another tired mother a friendly smile when you see her slumped in a chair at the café while her kids are running around screaming.

But also time for you to realize that now, your heart walks outside your body. You are more vulnerable than before and you don’t live for yourself anymore. You no longer have control over how you manage your time and energy, and the world does seem to revolve around that little one. When she toddles over to you with a book, no matter what you are doing, you jolly well sit down and read it with her. When she hands you a phone, you just have to pick it up and say “hello”.

Are the changes positive? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I embrace these changes as I feel that my little girl has certainly helped me to be a better person. Even though there is limited time and energy, I prioritise so much better now and make an effort to live a hearty, happy and fulfilling life. I want to show her that being a mother doesn’t mean giving up on yourself as a person, it is about thinking creatively and getting the child involved in your passions. For example, I like photography so I get my girl to model for me or we go on little photography walks together.

I think that’s an important part when you experience changes due to motherhood. Be flexible and learn to surrender. Kids are always going to be unpredictable and spontaneous, so as much as you have plans on what kind of mother you want to be, be open to adapt and change. If not, you may miss out on the little lovely surprises the kids may throw at you! 

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