Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things I have lost in the madness of Motherhood

For this two weeks, blogger mommies from Singapore would be sharing about their journey through motherhood, and how it has changed them.  If you have your own motherhood story to share, do link-up at the bottom of the post! 

Today, we welcome Delphine, a mother of two.  She is a working mum who does not believe in sitting still, and enjoys dragging her two kids, Anya (3 years old) and Adam (10 months old), all around Singapore.  She blogs at Life in the Wee Hours, which is the story of the Wee family. It is about faith, family, friends, and very importantly, food!


I have this postcard on my fridge. It was given to me by a student on Teacher’s Day, long before I had any kids. At that time, I laughed and thought that the card was really funny.

Now the words on the postcard are my reality! I lost my mind after my two kids came along. Pregnancy brain took most of it and the rest was stolen by lack of sleep. Amazingly, it is possible to function even after several nights of disrupted sleep but my mind is never 100% present.

Here’s another thing (or more accurately, two things) I lost after becoming a mother: I used to have a pretty decent.. err.. bosom. They say that your boobs will not become smaller after breastfeeding. Unfortunately for me, my assets have deflated and will never be the same again.

What else have I lost? I know I will never have a spotless house, an uninterrupted conversation, a good night’s sleep or a full wallet. Being a mother also means that I have lost the right to be self-centred. Every decision I make is based on the fact that I have to take into consideration the tiny people living in my house because they are utterly dependent on me.  

Do I regret the things I’ve lost? Honestly, a wee bit sometimes. But what I’ve gained from being a mother far outweighs what I’ve lost. There is so much laughter and love and meaning in my life and that makes it all worthwhile.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How has motherhood changed you?  Link-up below if you have a story to share:

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