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For this two weeks, blogger mommies from Singapore would be sharing about their journey through motherhood, and how it has changed them.  If you have your own motherhood story to share, do link-up at the bottom of the post! 

Today, let's say hello to June.  She is a part-time working mother with two children -- a toddler and a baby. She is a passionate writer, and her favourite topics are family, parenting, faith, and good old-fashioned love. She blogs at mamawearpapashirt, where she hopes to connect with other mums and inspire them toward parenting with love, confidence, and hope.


Life has never been the same again since I first set eyes on my little baby girl, 3-point-something years ago. Things went topsy-turvy, then turned rightside-up again (for a little while for me to catch my breath), and then whoop-we-go-again.

As I walked through what was possibly the most tumultuous and challenging life-stage for a woman (and also a man), I realised that I was taking a crash course on everything baby-related, from breastfeeding, poop and sleep, to weaning and toddler tantrums.

Through the process of testing, stretching, and erm, tearing my hair out, I've undergone a gigantic metamorphosis too.
Here's a summary of it all:

The good
- I'm more assertive (Vera, pick up your toys. NOW! :P)
- I'm more creative (Doing fun stuff with the kids, 'acting out' a book, playing dress-up)
- I'm better at solving problems (I have to be! I'm a mum!)
- I'm a better visionary (I can see a few steps ahead, like when a tantrum is about to rise and we need to make a hurried exit)
- I take life / myself less seriously
- I appreciate the little things more (e.g., the joy of having a full 5 min shower without the door being flung open)
- I'm more understanding and empathetic towards people and situations
- I'm less self-centred 

The bad
- I'm more grouchy (tired, grouchy kids means tired, grouchy mum)
- I'm more impatient (partly because I always have no time)
- I'm always tired (oops, that brings me back to #1)
- I'm less thankful (especially on those days when I'm grouchy, impatient and tired)

The not-so-funny
- My waistline has expanded, seemingly permanently
- My tummy also seems to be permanent
- My hair is unkempt on most days
- I no longer spend money on make-up because I have no time to put it on
- I no longer spend money buying clothes because I have no time to shop

Okay seriously, I actually really enjoy motherhood. I think it is THE most awesome position and title in the world: MOTHER.

From this position, I see bright smiles, and cheeky eyes. I receive playful hugs, play peek-a-boos, and soothe bumps and bruises. I hear baby chuckles, nonsensical made-up songs and funny conversations. I smell dirty diapers, and suck on little baby fingers and feet.  

Really, all my five senses are called upon in my role as a mother, and I relish both the joy and tears of these everyday moments.  

But above and beyond all these, my heart is called upon to love. To love without abandon, without question, love that is unconditional.

As you can see, many things have changed for me. But be it for better or for worse, I've learnt to embrace the changes and accept who I am, my strengths as well as my inadequacies. I'm a mum-in-progress, always learning, always trying my best to be a better mum.

And at least I can still say that these three things stay the same:
My faith in God.
My love for my husband and kids.
My appreciation for community and family.
(Or perhaps these have grown along the way too. Which is a good thing.)

How has motherhood changed you?  Link-up below if you have a story to share:


  1. Very true points!
    And I do feel guilty about the bad sometimes.. I hate it when I have to raise my voice and scold my girl because I don't usually raise my voice at anything. But doing it so often nowadays *sigh*

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Hey Ai, thanks for sharing here. Yeah, sometimes it gets to me too, and on bad days, it's really tough to stay calm even though I know it's the best thing to do...hang in there, and take time off for yourself now and then! :)



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