Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thoughts from a supermom

For this two weeks, blogger mommies from Singapore would be sharing about their journey through motherhood, and how it has changed them.  If you have your own motherhood story to share, do link-up at the bottom of the post!

Today's post is written by Dominique, a Singaporean elementary school teacher, freelance writer and mom of three. She is passionate about parenting and educating kids.  I respect how she is able to juggle it all, take care of three kids and still blog regularly... quite the supermom in my opinion!  In her free time, you can see her dabbling in photography, cooking and cake decorating and blogging at Dominique’s Desk.

 Tiger  girl and me

Do you enjoy being a mom? Would you even consider yourself to be a Supermom? Being a mom is one of the best thing that has happened to me.  You know you enjoy being a mom when you wake up every day looking forward to seeing the smiles on your little ones faces.

I am happy, even though you are extremely exhausted having only 3 or 4 hours of sleep the night before as the little one refuses to sleep through the night. I clamber out of bed even though you really would like more time in it as you know that you have to prepare breakfast for the little one and start on the daily routines. 

I become a "cool" person as messes and kids outbreaks do not bother Me that much. When they occur you just drop whatever you are doing , clean up the place or straighten out the kid before resuming the activity you were doing before you were interrupted. Yeah.. I'm cool like that!! I've figured out it's no point getting all worked up by the little ones and their antics after spending 10 yrs+ in the education field. I don't need any more worry lines added to my face. I have realized that it is not beneficial to get worked up or start ranting at time as it doesn't correct the bad behaviour and only amplify the situation.

I incorporate the timetable and schedules of my little ones first before assigning other activities which you would like to fill up your schedule with other stuff which I would like to do. It has been working well and I do intend to carry on this way.

the kids loot

I'm constantly looking around for bargain items for the kids and was glad with the haul which we got from our recent trip to Korea. 

Holidays which I plan have the kids interests in mind and you are happy when you see your kids having fun playing. The best thing is that they insist that you be with them and play with them together. I'm savouring the hugs and kisses that they shower on me. 

" I love mummy" , " I really enjoyed myself" and ' I like this" are sentences which really melt my heart.

My 3 kids

What are you thoughts on being a Mom?  Link up below if you have a story to share!

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