Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made: Venice play scene

Welcome to Venice!  One of the most famous landmarks you cannot miss would be the Piazza San Marco, which is graced by the Basilica di San Marco (Saint Mark's Basilica), and its bell tower, or campanile:

Our basilica is drawn on cardboard, and painted by the boy, and is supported by a milk carton.
The campanile is made out of another milk carton, which the boy insisted must be painted purple and green.

And of course, Venice is characterized by its many canals... and what is that creature in a distance?

Canals were made from construction paper, which the boy painted and drew on.

Oh, its Nessie from Scotland!  And she has her very own canal to swim in.  There are many houses by the canals for the Venetians to stay in:

We are still decorating the houses, which are made out of milk cartons and wrapped in brown packing paper.

Ah, and of course, if you can't swim like Nessie, you would need a gondola to get around in:

[We made these gondolas out of the kitchen paper towel rolls.  All you need to do would be to cut the roll to open it up at the top, then snip off the two bottom corners:

Then fold over the two ends to meet like this and glue the ends down (you can use clothes pegs to hold them during the drying process):

You could also use the snipped off parts to make the fero (the tail part) which we did, but ours had 3 of the usual 6 "teeth".  Oh, and a disclaimer, our gondolas were not flat-bottomed, and kept toppling.  Perhaps it was because they weren't made from the customary 8 types of wood!]

These gondolas are supposed to be black, but then if a dinosaur wants a blue one with a pink interior, you'd better not argue with him!

(The boy got very excited when we started on our Venice project, and promptly moved his dinosaurs in from the dino world.  That's probably why there are no pigeons in our Piazza San Marco!)


  1. Über cute and super creative as always, MamaJ. Will you adopt me please? Your posts always encourage me - it IS possible to still do creative and fun stuff with 2 kids in the picture eh?

  2. Adora: Haha... I think 2 little boys are quite enough for the moment! :p And yes, just like how you still have your own kiddo olympics and coloured water play... I'm inspired! :)



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