Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Life requires death

We walk past a blackberry bush almost everyday during our morning walks.  And never noticed it until one day, we spotted its fruit, turning from a pale red, to deep dark sweetness.

"Look!" I exclaim to Junior J.  "Blackberries!" We examine the bush, him fingering the lower branches and pointing out the ripe fruit.  I show him the last of the flowers of the bush, pale pink, but starting to wilt and die.  "These flowers will die and drop off, and then turn into fruits", I told him.

We see other flowers on our walks, now in various stages of death, to give rise to new life stored up in the seeds of fruit.  Maple trees, with their little plane-like fruit.  The apple trees, whose fruit are slowly showing their blush of red.  The sunflowers, giant and yellow against the blue sky, its florets waiting to be transformed into seeds.

Death giving way to life.  Perhaps its the same for us each day.  Some little bits of us need to die to give new life.  Like how I need to put to death that anger that has been simmering inside me these days, from unfairness, or unkind words.  Or frustration from spilt milk and children who refuse to eat their meals.  These little bits need to go, lest they eat me up inside.

But how?  Each day I try, and each day I fail.  I get angry at the boy who does not want to swallow his food.  I quarrel with the husband, who gets angry when I remind him not to mess up the drawers.  And each time, a tiny voice reminds me that I cannot, but God can.

He can, but the journey of little deaths and new life is still long, and I am still struggling.  So I am thankful that in Him, all things are possible.  And that we have new life because of His Son's death on a cross, and we have others who live and die to remind us of that.

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. Maybe you should get Big boy that he needs to eat and chew his meat like a iguanadon chewing on some absolutely delicious veggies ^.^

    But just for you, here's some internet cuddles to dissipate the annoyed feeling.

  2. Well, a song to cheer you up today =)


    It's not easy being a mom, especially with 2 kids in tow. With our strength, we fail, because that's our human nature. But with God, we can =)

  3. Today, am especially thankful for my supportive, collegial colleagues.

    Big hugs, Jus! It's a very tough job you're doing, many lesser mortals would have thrown in the towel already. Hang in there by His grace!

  4. Nat: LOL! I tried to tell him that today. Unfortunately, he just kept all that meat in his mouth, he's really that stubborn! But thank you for the hugs!

    Tinz: Amen, and thank you for sharing that song! :)

  5. Littlebluebottle: Thanks my dear! And its great that you have good colleagues!



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