Friday, September 14, 2012

10 things that have changed

In July, blogging mothers from Singapore shared their stories on how being a mother has changed them (read their stories here).  For the past two weeks in September, more moms have shared about their journey through motherhood, and I hope you've enjoyed reading their stories.  Perhaps you've identified with some of them!

Today's post is by Suhanya, who is a mom of one.  She blogs about her parenting journey here.  She loves to write, and hopes to author a book one day.


What has motherhood changed in ME? I would rather say motherhood brought the best out of me, as well as made me realize that I could well be irritated, frustrated, crappy and depressed too…

First feelings 
To be very honest, the very first feelings I had when I conceived were whether I could be really a good mom, and a good parent. There are so many people who have asked me along the way, “How did you feel, the very first time you held/saw Yuvan after he was born?” The first feelings were, I was relieved, and then looking at him I thought (still the words are in me) “He looks so small (Yuvan weighed 2.8 kg) and tiny. How am I going to bring him up and parent him? But he is my responsibility!!!”

What has changed in me?

1. I am more kid-friendly compared to what I was before Yuvan happened.

2. I have become a person who can teach with patience.

3. I have come to like all animation movies, and enjoy the world of kids, which I probably didn’t get to when I was a child.

4. I have learnt to understand that every child is an individual, and every child is different.

5. Responsibilities, priorities and the ever running thought process have become the way of life.

6. The weight gain and weight loss cycle and trying to lose some more after getting back to pre-pregnancy weight within the first year after giving birth and then gaining a bit more over the years is a big change in me. (and the way you feel about it when you realize that you have to shed a few kilos….)

7. I enjoy the contemplation and the happiness that follows in instances like,
:: The on and off thoughts of “Am I a good parent? Am I a good mom?” And then the awesome feeling when someone tells you, “You are one awesome parent/your child is a happy child.”
 :: And the happy or satisfied feeling that you get, every time you realize or assure yourself that of course you have been a good parent!!

8. Through motherhood, I was introduced to the blogging world, and realized that my passion is definitely writing.

9. The positivity and the world of moms around me don’t fail to impress and inspire me every single day!

10. The way I look at life and what’s important to us as a family has taken the driver's seat.

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