Sunday, September 2, 2012

Foodie Fridays: Summer slurping

Summer can be summed up at the market.  First come the strawberries, then the currants, followed by the blueberries, raspberries and cherries.  Then there is the onslaught of blackberries and plums.  We've been eating fruits by the punnet, and even freezing them to make ice cream:

In addition to all the books on summer that we've been reading, Junior J and I have been busy in the kitchen.  We were blessed with home-grown zucchinis, tomatoes and eggplants from a friend's garden, and made zucchini muffins (and had loads of ratatouille for dinner):

We didn't have a muffin tray, so the batter spread out and the muffins were rather flat, however, the boy loved them!

Then the boy also helped to make dessert some nights.  He was delighted when he was given a bowl of strawberries to wash and dry:

We melted some chocolate in a pan of hot water...

And he got to coat the strawberries with chocolate (and lick the spoon at the end of course)!

I also tried making rainbow popsicles (inspired by this mum's version!), but our freezer chose to conk out just after I added the last layer.  In the end, I tore up the paper cups (we didn't have popsicle molds, so I used paper cups and ice cream sticks) and squished the half-melted popsicles into glasses and called them "rainbow ice".  The boy still enjoyed his for dessert!

It was supposed to follow the colours of the rainbow:
Red (strawberries & raspberries), orange (orange juice), yellow (honey with freshly squeezed lemon),
green (kiwi), blue (blueberries), purple (blackberries).

Summer is nearly over, but we are looking forward to fall, and its harvest of apples and pumpkins!

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  1. Love your variety of desserts! I have sweet tooth!
    Your muffins still looks great without mold!

  2. Great improvisation! Everything still looked good!

  3. Sweetday: Haha, same here, I have a sweet tooth, and so do the kids! Those at the back were rather flat since the batter just spread out... but they were still edible! :)

    Lish: Thanks! I was glad the layers stayed so that he could see the colours!



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