Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thinking Thursdays: Savoring summer

We more or less put aside our "lessons" last week as the FIL was visiting.  The boys just romped about more at the playground and we went for walks and cycled about the town.  Junior J did manage to dress up his summer vase of twigs though.  I gave him a whole bunch of crepe paper strips in bright colours (reminiscent of the bright hues of the summer blooms we've been seeing at the farmer's market!), and he opted to drape them all over the branches and call it his willow tree.  It does look bright and happy, and reminds me of the season of sunshine, picnics and sunflowers.  (You can see our spring vase here.)

We also squeezed in a little reading related to summer, and enjoyed the following books:

:: The Salamander Room, by Anne Mazer.

:: Summertime in the Big Woods, an adaptation from the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

:: James and the Rain, by Karla Kuskin, since it has been raining so much!

:: Time of Wonder, by Robert McCloskey.

Wish I could elaborate more on the books, but we're busy packing, so I'll leave you with more summer book recommendations from one of my favourite book blogs instead!

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