Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thankful Tuesdays: Travelling together

The hubby is attending a conference in France this week, so the kids and I tagged along.  France has been simply lovely.  We've driven past fields and fields of sunflowers, mostly dry and golden brown and starting to seed...   

The one and only shot I managed to capture of the sunflowers (on the right), which we zoomed past on the road.

We've managed to spend some time exploring:

Chateau de Chambord.  It was closed when we reached, but we spent a happy hour exploring the grounds, glad to stretch our legs from the long car rides!

... soaking in the bits of loveliness everywhere, from the grand, to the simple:

And I'm thankful that we're able to take this trip together as a family, sharing the good food, and chomping through countless baguettes.  Junior J has had fun running about and has been eating well (and keeps asking for fries with ketchup):   

While Baby J has been his usual curious self, waving to waiters in the restaurants and climbing everywhere.  Now that we're settled in an apartment for a week, he's been eating better, and is happy to eat fish (something we didn't give him in Germany since it was pretty expensive!)! 

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making

PS: I hope you'll enjoy the guest posts on motherhood that will be running for this two weeks!


  1. Looks like there are large spaces for the babies to roam about, how nice :)

  2. Geraldine: Yes there are! Plenty of things for kids to do and explore... the kids have been loving it here!



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