Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thinking Thursdays: Books about autumn

Hello! We've been reading about autumn, since we can't really go out to play (Junior J is still coughing!). Here are some of our favourite reads on this beautiful season, which are mainly on two very famous characteristics of fall: apples and leaves! 

:: Apple Farmer Annie, by Monica Wellington: We bought the board book version for baby J. Its a simple story about an apple farmer, and all the yummy things that she makes from her apple harvest. While its simple, even Junior J enjoyed the story!

:: Leaf Jumpers, by Carole Gerber: The book uses poetry and linoleum-cut illustrations to describe eight common types of leaves to be found during fall. Junior J loves this book as it is about his favourite outdoor activity: jumping about in piles of leaves! Its a really useful resource for identifying leaves, and also explains the colour changes observed during autumn.

:: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, by Lois Ehlert: I simply love Lois Ehlert's illustrations! This book chronicles the life of a sugar maple tree through the seasons, and the textural collages were made from a variety of materials, ranging from water colours and crayons to seeds and roots. Simply beautiful! 

:: Apple Picking Time, by Michele Slawson: "When it's apple picking time, everyone has to help. The whole town knows we have only three weeks to get the fruit off the trees before it spoils." This story is told through the eyes of Anna, who helps at the apple harvest with her family and is determined to fill an entire bin of apples by herself. It's a heartwarming book about determination, family and community.

:: Red are the Apples, by Marc Harshman and Cheryl Ryan: Follow a boy as he explores a garden in fall, and describes what he finds in rhyme. The text is simple, and this book is great for introducing the colours and produce of autumn.

We obtained some of our recommendations from this post, hop over for more autumnal titles!  What are your favourite books about fall? 


  1. ooh so what are the reasons for leaves changing to those colors?

    1. :) The chlorophyll in the leaves start breaking down in fall, and the green pigments fade as a result to reveal other "hidden" colours. Thinking about it really makes me marvel about how God designed such things! :)



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