Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thinking Thursdays: Activities for autumn

We've been in quite a limbo lately, and I've been feeling like I'm running around like a headless chicken. Perhaps its the cabin fever, since big boy is still coughing and it's cold out. Or maybe its because baby J has decided that he would drop his morning nap, but has been rather indecisive about it. Some days he's tired and naps, some days he refuses to go down, but ends up being extremely grumpy by lunch time. Add to that the recent shift in timing thanks to daylight saving time, and things are a little topsy turvy.

I do feel guilty when Junior J gets coped up at home, and these days we've not done much home-learning, save for all those books we've been reading. I'm so thankful for all those good reads we can immerse ourselves in while hiding from the freezing weather!

So amidst all these changes, we've managed to do a little bit of stuff on autumn. Not as much as I would like to cover, but at least its something:

:: Crafts: We made a leaf heart, plus covered a box (one of those used to hold fruit from the market) with leaves. That box now holds a growing collection of pine cones. The boy really is a squirrel when it comes to these things! Oh, and we sent out a couple of maple leaves to some friends.

:: Jigsaws: The boy has been showing some interest in jigsaws, so I printed some autumn themed ones for him to try his hand at.

:: Mazes: He loves finding his way through these things. I laminated these printables so that we can reuse them next time.

:: Reading: Of course, we read those books on autumn! (Our booklist is here.)

I didn't get to try these out, but hope to do so in the near future:

:: Pumpkin pie playdough: This sounds like an awesome sensory play opportunity for both the boys!

:: Leaf splatter paintings and autumn playscenes, among other great ideas from this post.

:: Make leaf skeletons: I think these would be really pretty framed up!

:: Make a bird-feeder: We've been putting out bird seed for the birds, but I thought this idea of recycling a drink bottle was cool!

What are your favourite autumn activities?


  1. I'm planning to get Anya to collect some branches to form the shape of a tree trunk and branches then make the yellow/ red/ orange leaves with her fingerprints.

    1. Hi Delphine! That's a really lovely idea! Hope you'll share the pics on your blog!



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