Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Wonderings: Cabin fever

The mercury took a plunge over the past few days, and we had a weekend of sub-zero temperatures! It didn't snow though. Since the boys' both had coughs that got worse with the cold, we had to stay home most of the time. They have been getting rather restless though, and I can't wait for them to get better.

Just this morning, I was busy adjusting the laundry to ensure they got as much sun as possible, and hubby was busy clearing the breakfast things. Both of us thought the other was watching the baby. That baby quietly got his hands on some bits of crepe paper that were left lying about, thanks to his big brother's art projects, and ended up looking like he was prepared for trick or treating:

We wiped out his mouth a few times, but the green stains on his hands were pretty stubborn, so I guess it'll take a couple of days before they wash out. That aside, I guess you know how versatile crepe paper is for parties (some ideas here, plus hop over here for our under the sea wall), but apparently you can even use them to dye eggs!

And here are some random thoughts that have been bouncing through my head while we've been coped up at home:

:: We're missing home and its warm sultry weather. And I'm missing my carrot cake with loads of chilli. So I'm delighted to find "A Blogger's Guide to Singapore", with all its links to various SG-based blogs.

:: Art that involves the community fascinates me. Like this tent knitted over 3 months, and displayed as an art installation in Israel. Amazing, if you ask me!

:: Apples are plentiful right now, so I'm thinking of trying this recipe for apple raisin oatmeal... once I'm able to get out to the supermarket to buy those raisins!

:: Ever heard of the 5 second rule? A study seems to show that the germs are faster!

How was your weekend? And how do you keep the kids occupied at home when they are stuck home with colds?


  1. I so understand what it's like to be missing spore food ! cookbooks and recipes are MUST HAVEs when we pack our bags to live overseas. Glad that with internet it is so much easier these days, still getting the ingredient might be a challenge... Hope the boys get better soon and u take care too

    1. Yes I agree! Now I rely on the net for Asian recipes, but finding those ingredients sometimes is hard! And thank you, they are on the mend! :)

  2. We had a blue stains on the mouth and face when we did the food paint, took a day to get rid of them! Take care boys, and get well soon!

    1. Our stains also took a day! Were those thanks to the coloured spaghetti?

  3. Hi MamaJ,

    Really admire you for your abilities to juggle the household, husband & two toddler boys! I wonder where you get all your energy.. :P

    Very good posts, inspirational, although to be truthful, i "dread" to go through sometimes as it shows how far i am as a mother in comparison.. hah..hah.

    Regarding getting the boys "occupied" indoors, do you think you want to expose them to Ipad? I note that most kids these days (mine included recently) have access to the games & stuff which i have to agree are educational, albeit addictive.. what say you?


    1. Oh dear! Please don't dread reading the posts... do know that the blog shares highlights, you hardly see the mistakes, the bad days and the times where nothing gets done, which occurs rather often!

      Thanks for the suggestion, we don't own an ipad, but we do have iphones. Hmmm, perhaps we might hunt for good apps. Do you have any to suggest?

  4. Oh MamaJ,

    Hope i didn't make you feel bad about my earlier comment. Definitely nothing to do with your posts which i enjoy so much, but more got to do with myself.. guess working mothers really lose out in the opportunity for quantity AND quality time with kids be it free/"educational" moments :/

    Anyway, regarding educational games, i cannot really recall the games individually, but they are there in App Store (seek out educational category) & you can review the list with ratings, summary of game, etc.

    I was impressed with some of the apps, e.g. animal sounds, like a turkey call which i can say are out of bounds for us in the city!

    Regards & prayers,



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