Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Scrapping: More milestones

It was one of those rare nights where I couldn't sleep. In the end, mummy guilt got the better of me and I tried to catch up on baby J's album (you can see some of the completed pages here). So here's the pages for him at 10 months... 

This was done using mainly the "Children at Play" collection from Making Memories.
A sweet friend sent the goodies over, and I think its such a lovely lovely collection! (Thanks M!)

... 11 months:

Some bits of washi, as usual. It seems like washi needs to be on every page nowadays!

... and finally, 1 year!

I couldn't resist cutting out the month from the "October Afternoon" brand logo on my stickers to use here.

Again, more "Children at Play". Pinwheels are such happy things!

Now I have to get down to journalling all those milestones down on those tags, and get cracking on the rest of Junior J's album! And speaking of milestones, this little boy made a new discovery today:

He found out with delight that the suction cup stays stuck to the glass door, and spent some happy moments sticking it up and taking it down!

Hope you're having a nice long weekend. Here's to a blessed one!


  1. How fast time flies! He's so big already!

    1. Madeline, yes time really flies! Its like one moment he was just that wee thing, and the next moment he's starting to try to walk!



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