Sunday, December 16, 2012

{Thankful Today} 13 - 15 Dec: Write, tree, walk

It's been quite a week. We've more or less recovered, save for nagging itchy coughs, and a really grumpy baby (who had a fever for more than a week, and had us really worried). We're fighting a really bad mold problem in the house, and there was a bereavement in the hubby's family. And we've just hosted a friend for the past few days. Phew! The rest of December is looking to be really busy, with all the Christmas prep, and the house to be cleared for repair works (thanks to the mold)... so I think I might not be popping in as frequently for the rest of the month. 

However, we are still counting our blessings, and here goes:

:: 13 Dec, Write: Living abroad away from friends and family can get a little lonely. While there's Skype and Facebook and digital communication, I am very thankful for friends who take the time to also write. Happy mail days never fail to make me smile.

:: 14 Dec, Tree: The Germans apparently only put up their trees on Christmas Eve, and we've yet to have the time to buy and decorate our own. However, I am reminded of another tree, and am thankful for how death on that tree could actually give us new life.

:: 15 Dec, Walk: We went out for a walk today with our friend to visit the Christmas markets in town, and this was the first time the boys were out since we reached back home 2 weeks ago. Imagine, two weeks of coughing and fevers! Anyway, both were rather glad to be out, but I didn't manage to snap any pictures. So here's one of them on a walk at home. Baby J has been climbing into the cart (thanks to the Ah Kong who kept putting him in and pushing him about!), and usually he manages to get someone to push him about.

I'm hoping that the boys would recover soon, hopefully in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, keep counting those blessings!


Join us in giving thanks this December! Details and the list of thankful topics are in this post. (If you are writing more than one post in a week, do include the date of your post when you add your linky!)

Mum in the Making


  1. Hugs and Merry Christmas in advance!

    1. Thanks Carol! Blessed Christmas to you and family too!

  2. I do hope everyone is feeling much better. Naomi had a fever for a week too, which turned into pneumonia. was really stressful so i know how you feel! take care!

    1. Oh yes, I read about it! I hope she's recovered now, J had pneumonia last time, and the neb was just so scary for him! Big hugs and take care too!



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