Saturday, December 8, 2012

{Thankful Today} 7 Dec: View

It started snowing yesterday. It may sound odd, but I always thought that snow was grounded, because all the pictures I see of snow are of it laying in blankets, all white, covering the grass and the trees. But it turned out to be light and fluffy, as if the angels were having a pillow fight and the feathers were raining down on us. Seeing all that fluff descending was irresistible to the little boy, who wanted to go out to catch some snow in his little frying pan. So we bundled him up and took him out to the balcony to enjoy the view!

So thankful that we get to experience a white Christmas this year. While winter is dreary, I'm thankful that God made such a lovely thing like snow!


Join us in giving thanks this December! Details and the list of thankful topics are in this post. (If you are writing more than one post in a week, do include the date of your post when you add your linky!)

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