Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Surfing: Advent calendars

We've not done much Advent activities yet, but we've started reading some books on Christmas. Right now, we're just concentrating on beating the sniffles, but I thought I'd just share some lovely Advent calendars that I've seen on the Internet. I would love to try making one of these next year!

For those who want something simple:

:: Use envelopes: 

Photo Source: A Few Things from My Life

:: Or recycle those toilet paper rolls!

Photo Source: Maya*made

:: How about a DIY scratch and reveal version, that you can bring along anywhere?

Photo Source: Gift Wrapsody

Or if you want something colourful and more 3-dimensional, try these two versions, which come all ready with free printable templates! (Click on the link below the photos to get the templates.)

Photo Source: MiniEco

Photo Source: Mr Printables

Whatever the case, this is my favourite of all, and I think it can be made using toilet rolls and construction paper. Do check out the link, since the post contains more pretty Advent calendars!

Photo Source: Snug Studio

Did you make an Advent calendar this year? Do share yours if you have! Blessed weekend!


  1. Awwww - these are all so sweet. We have so many advent calendars. My hubby made one for my daughter and every day he wrote a special message or suggested activity for her.

    My favourite is our Christmas book advent calendar. Every day my daughter unwraps a Christmas book (I even wrapped them in fabric so it's more eco-friendly). Here's a link to the posting I did about the book calendar (I wrote it last year).

    I love counting down to Christmas - it makes the season especially fun for little ones!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! Its so sweet of your hubby to make a calendar for your daughter, and the book calendar sounds like a great idea!



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