Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thankful Tuesday: Hiding from the haze

Last week's haze and the rising PSI values got us worried. I was starting to get rashes, baby J's eczema started flaring up, and Junior J started coughing. We didn't manage to purchase an air purifier or masks (they were out of stock island-wide, and there were snaking queues when we walked past pharmacies). In the end, we made the decision to drive up to hubby's hometown in Penang for some fresh air. The hubby flew back yesterday since he had to work, while I stayed on with the boys in Penang with my MIL and my brother (who drove up with us). 

Its been a crazy month, first with us having to move out to stay with my parents due to our home renovation, then the haze, and now the trip up. However, I am very thankful:

:: That the haze situation has improved significantly in Singapore. However, the bad air seems to be blowing across Malaysia, and heading up north, and the air quality in Penang is starting to go down. I'm glad that Singapore is in the clear for now, and that there are people who care enough to look out for the needs of others during this difficult time.

:: For family that have accommodated us thus far. For my parents, who put up with the messes of the boys while we stayed with them, and now, my in-laws. 

:: That even with all these changes and moving about, the boys have been more or less alright. They have been content playing with the simplest things, and are generally cheerful aside from the usual sibling squabbles.

Playing row your boat at my parents place.
Gave me enough time to wash the breakfast dishes.

:: That we have places to go to, when the temperatures at home soared and the boys got restless. And I am so glad for the library, for its quiet spaces and books that kept the boys occupied.

How about you? What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making


  1. How are you doing with the boys in Penang? We had a very welcomed respite from the haze over the weekends and today the weather forecast predicts rain! Praise the Lord, it's all clearing up :)

    1. Hi Susan! We've been doing ok, thanks! :) And yes, so glad its cleared up in SG, it was so bad previously!



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