Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Five: Great expectations

I really can't believe that June has sped by and that we are nearing the end of the first week of July! Perhaps its been all that moving all around that has made time really speed past.

:: This week, we brought the boys to the butterfly farm in Penang, and I think they enjoyed themselves. I know Junior J had a whale of a time running about, and mustered the courage to touch a few butterflies. Baby J even accidentally caught one, and kept exclaiming "but-fly farm! fly fly fly! Poke but-fly!". The older one was also rather fascinated with the displays showing various butterflies in the different stages of their life cycle. I guess there is always something amazing, seeing such a transformation occur.

:: Junior J has a similar fascination with baby #3's development. He would ask me about how big the baby is currently, and I would tell him based on the details given in the "What to Expect: Pregnancy" app that I have on my phone. He mulls over the descriptions (eg. that baby is the size of a lemon) and tries to measure out the lengths with his fingers.

:: The big boy also has an interesting theory about the baby's gender:
Me: Would you like a brother or a sister this time, J?
Junior J (after pausing for thought): Boys have short hair right?
Me: Yes they usually have. Why?
Junior J: Then the baby must be a boy, since we didn't see any hair when we saw baby on the screen!

He was most tickled to find out that some babies are born bald.

:: For us, we're thinking that a little girl would be nice. (And I know this sounds silly, but Mama would like very much to scrap in pink, and dabble a little in playtime not involving wrestling and roaring dinosaurs.) Whatever the case, we're just thankful for the third little one. After all, boy or girl, children really are blessings from God.

:: Amidst all this baby talk, baby J has also clued into his new sibling. He pokes my belly, exclaims "baby inside!" and proceeds to smush his head into my belly repeatedly, in his version of giving kisses to the baby. That's only for a minute, before he gets distracted by Mama's belly button.

We're almost approaching the half-way mark for the pregnancy, so I guess we'll be finding out baby's gender soon!
Mum in the Making

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  1. The baby talk and baby touch... so sweet! Makes me want to get another one too...

    *shaking head* Better not!



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