Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In search of baby soft skin

We had it pretty easy when it came to caring for Junior J's skin. His was low-maintenance, and nothing bothered him, save for the occasional mosquito bite. So we were at a loss initially when we had baby J, who had very sensitive skin and suffered from eczema. Hot weather made his eczema flare up. Exposure to cold, dry air during winter made it worse. It was quite a challenge, trying to calm his irritated skin, and my heart really hurt to see him scratching! Baby soft skin became a goal for us, and easing his discomfort was a top priority when it came to caring for him.

So here's what we found was useful in caring for baby J's sensitive skin:

:: Go soap-free: Soap strips the skin of moisture, which is a must for skin that is prone to eczema, so its best to use a soap-free bath cleanser (eg. Cetaphil or Physiogel).

:: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize:
A good friend whose daughter suffers from eczema slathers coconut oil on her daughter before her bath, and also recommended us an oatmeal-based bath oil for baby J's baths. Aside from using the bath oil, we've also had to moisturize his skin twice a day using an oatmeal moisturizing cream.

:: Be mindful of external triggers:
We've had to watch out for external triggers that might cause the boy to rash up. Thus far, we know of a few triggers: chlorinated water (more than half an hour of water play makes him flare up!), hot weather, and dry air. I know of others that rash up due to dust, or exposure to certain chemicals, so we've been careful to try to identify those triggers and minimize their effects. 

He's one curious fellow and explores everything.
We just have to watch and be mindful!

:: Reduce chemical exposure:  
We try to reduce the kids' exposure to chemicals, especially when it comes to household cleaning products. We've been trying to reduce the amount of laundry detergent we use (by substituting some with baking soda), and we try to use products that are as natural as possible. In terms of fabric softeners,  Comfort Ultra Pure has been the most suitable thus far, since it is formulated for delicate skin. With  Baby J's sensitive skin, soft, comfortable clothes are a must. This softener is shown to be safe to use even for babies, which is just the thing we need!

:: Give skin time to heal: 
We do use steroid creams occasionally on the stubborn spots that refuse to go away, just to help calm those areas down and let them heal.

With all these steps, we've found that baby J's eczema is more or less under control, and we're enjoying cuddling up with his baby soft skin and tickling his toes. But I guess not for long, since he's already lost his baby smell and is on his way to being a rather feisty toddler!


  1. Zoe's trigger is dust mites. Unfortunately, it's not easy to prevent exposure to those nasty little creatures. She tends to get single bad patches that take a very long time to clear so we prefer to use Atopiclair cream instead of steroid cream for her.

  2. Just found your blog! New mummy to a 2 month old boy with bad eczema too. Thanks for the very useful tips/post! :)




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