Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays: Much needed rest

I came down with a cold over the weekend. Initially we thought it was just sinusitis from all that sneezing, but a nasty hacking cough followed. So yesterday, I thought it was best that I took a break from all the packing and cleaning... and ended up napping in the morning and in the afternoon (which was only possible because my FIL was around to babysit the boys). All I managed to do was to cook lunch, while my mum helped by bringing dinner over for us. The rest really helped, since the cough has improved, so I think it was really just sleep that I needed... something that wouldn't be possible if not for all the help from parents.

So this week, aside from help, we're thankful for:

:: God's love that never fails.

:: Being able to do messy art at home. The boys haven't been painting for a long long time since our paints were all packed up. They were really glad when the paints came out this week! (So much so that Baby J has been demanding "painting!" after every meal. 

He spent a long time trying to clip these clothes pegs on himself,
then taking them off, and clipping them on again.

:: All those little milestones achieved by baby J. He's been talking so much, and stringing words into sentences (and of course, using those sentences to demand for things like raisins!). It never fails to amaze me when I see how they learn and play.

He still refuses to write on his own.
But at least now he asks me to hold his hand to write stuff!

 :: Junior J who has been achieving some milestones too. He's been more willing to write, and is starting to form letters on his own using paint. He has more or less dropped his nap these few days, so I've been spending the time pouring over books or drawing with him. I'm really enjoying this one-on-one time with him while baby J naps.

What are you thankful for this week?

Mum in the Making

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