Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple September: Lil' paleontologist

Is it just me, or are there more tummy bugs going around these days? Junior J has been sick 3 times consecutively (he just recovered from a tummy bug that had him puking), and he gets pretty whiny when he's not feeling well. 

Some time ago, he got really worked up when we read this book (we grabbed this during the SAS sale) on one of those sick days. "That is not a T-Rex!" he exclaimed. According to him, its a drawing of an Allosaurus, since T-Rex has only 2 claws on each of his front feet. I'm wondering whether I should ask him to write a letter to Mr Roberts...

P/S: Junior J was supposed to have given you a tour of the dinosaurs being showcased at the Chinese Gardens, but with all the decluttering going on, Mama has lost the camera cable, so the photos are stuck in her camera for now!

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