Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays: To my littlest

Dearest Lil J,
You turn 23 months in a couple of days time. I can't believe that we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday very soon! Since you've always been on the small side, we always forget how fast you are growing up, and that you are no longer a baby any more. 

You are a regular chatterbox, and you say or sing the funniest things that make us laugh. You love modifying the lyrics of songs ("J's eating bread, kumbaya... J's tired now, kumbaya... Koko's sleeping now, kumbaya... Milo, kumbaya"), and sing songs all the time ("London bridge is falling down, my friend lady!"). You talk to stuffed toys ("Pooh bear, are you wearing hat for J?"). You order people about ("Papa, carry! Papa, go there! No, there!", while pointing in the direction of the larder. Followed by a request for "raisin and cranberry please!"). 

You're still obsessed about washing your stuffed toys, proclaiming that they have poopoo-ed alot, and that they are "smelly smelly". You always sing the ABC song to them as a lullaby, but still can't get the "LMNO" bit right (its always "mamamamaP"). Your hands are always busy, always needing to clutch something (even when you go to bed), and you love pulling at grass and plucking flowers. Buses are still your obsession. 

Certain things get you scared. You're still terrified of lions ("no lions, Mama, only tigers in the park!"), and refuse to wear shoes/clothes that have a lion logo on them. Your brother sometimes scares you, like that time he showed you a skull at a gift shop ("no scary pau, in the skull!"). 

Thankfully, these 2 months or so have seen you eating really well when you're not sick. Somedays, you eat more than your brother! Favourite foods include fish, pasta and noodles, and you are addicted to raisins. And we're so glad that you're gaining weight and that you're finally on the percentile chart. 

And of course, you love your fruit, save for papaya. You especially love watermelon and can chomp through a couple of pieces after dinner.

These days, fights with your brother are really common. You've learnt how to hold your own, protesting loudly if he tries to get in your way, but both of you also play very well together.

The terrible twos have started for you, and we've been seeing lots of tantrums from you. Epic tantrums, where you writhe and kick and scream for over 20 minutes for the strangest reasons. Just this Sunday, you were tired out after church and threw a huge tantrum at Ikea, and I had to carry you kicking and screaming through the crowds to go home. You're quite a feisty little one, and we're praying that you'll slowly learn to control your temper. 

You're not going to be the baby of the family soon (and I think you're going to be rather confused since you'll be both a koko and a didi!). But right now, I'm so glad I can still hold you and call you my baby, even though you're no longer one!

Your Mama

Mum in the Making


  1. Such a sweet post! I love all the funny things he says! Glad he's eating well now. :)

    1. Yup he always cracks us up with the funny things he says/does! :)

  2. Aww, that's so sweet. The not-so-baby-anymore baby will always have a place in our hearts. So I guess number 3 will be Littlest J?

    1. Yup, always! Haha, #3 will be baby J I guess, until we think of something else. Guess Littlest J could be an option!

  3. Awww what a sweet letter! I write to the girls too and sometimes I read back at what I've written and think WOW they were so tiny before! It's a nice milestone check for us Mamas too huh? Happy birthday, J!



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