Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Lantern making

We were busy making lanterns yesterday in preparation for Mid-autumn Festival, using our tried-and-tested formula (click here for the tutorial): 

Junior J wanted a Pooh bear lantern, as he loves the bear after reading all the Milne books.
I drew the outline of the bear and balloons, and he coloured them using watercolour pencils.
He then painted them over with water, while painting the sky using watercolour paints.
He added the sun on his own!

Even Lil J got to try his hand at using watercolours, and loved it!

He decorated the back part of his lantern using washi tapes. 

So here's his finished product, just waiting for a tea-light to be placed inside on Thursday:

The back view, with all the colourful washi tapes.

Front view, of good old Winnie the Pooh.

Lil J has yet to finish his lantern, but all in all, we had fun!

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  1. He looks so engaged in the activity.

  2. What a gorgeous lantern. What a lucky boy who has a Mum who can draw so nicely.

  3. What a very clever and fun project that looks like :)

  4. Totally lovely! You draw so well!

  5. Looks like great fun! I love the drawing of Winnie the Pooh :)

  6. those lanterns look great. I really like washi tape, so versatile!

  7. Such a pretty lantern! Love the Winnie the Pooh drawing you did. I've never thought of making our own - what a clever idea! We always get gifted by my in-laws!

  8. Great craft idea for kids. Love your pooh bear :) Might make some with my kids, they'd look great out in the patio with citronella candles to keep the mozzies at bay :)

  9. Love the bear and the sun! =) Looks like they had lots of fun making their own lanterns! =) Thanks much for linking up and hope you had a great Mid-Autumn Festival, Jus!

  10. Great fun activity. Thank you I'd like to try it.



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