Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Five: Our week of learning

Hello! I've been trying to prepare more materials in trays, and having toys set-up to invite the kids to play. Its been quite handy to have some trays prepared each day, especially during transition periods (eg. waiting for meals to be prepared, when they can get really grumpy if they are hungry). While it does take time to prepare them, I find it gets faster and easier when you get the hang of it, and have your materials organized. 

Here's five more set-ups/trays that we had this week:

:: Collage making tray: Both boys enjoyed this activity very much, even Lil J who spent more time applying glue all over his paper and the table, rather than pasting stuff!

:: Stencils tray: This was one of Junior J's activities during Lil J's nap time.

:: Stamping tray: Surprisingly, Lil J caught on to this pretty fast, and both had a fun time identifying the emotions on the stamps. Lil J was most amused by the angry expression!

:: Painting tray: I gave the boys some stuff to use with their paints, and set aside the tops of lady's fingers for them to do printing with. Junior J also decided he'll do some hand-printing too!

:: Food preparation: I set up cutting boards, plates and play vegetables for the kids to explore with. They spent a long time "cooking" (especially Lil J who loves to "cook"!) and chopping up stuff, and pouring drinks for each other. 

What have your kids been up to this week? Have a blessed weekend, folks!

Mum in the Making


  1. Your idea of play trays are so fun. I love the food preparation tray.

    1. Susan, thanks! :) Another mum shared this during a sharing session and I've been finding it useful!

  2. 1. Where did you get all your trays from? 2. Do you just leave the trays on the table and wait for them to be curious enough to play? Or do you tell them to?

    1. Hello! And to answer your queries:
      1. Both wooden and plastic trays are from Daiso.
      2. I usually put out one tray and invite them over to take a look, and most days they start to explore the materials in the tray. If they are not interested, we just leave the tray alone, and I don't force them to play with the stuff. Usually the trays come out when I really need them to be occupied and not fighting (eg. when I'm trying to prep meals), I find that this keeps them busy compared to if I just let them find their own stuff to do!



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