Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ordinary October: These two...

... constantly fight. Over toys. Over who gets to drape a blanket over his head. Over a single Duplo block when many others could do. Then there are the days where Junior J instigates his brother to get up to some mischief. And there are times when both are grumpy and whining (which usually coincides with the time that Mama has to cook a meal).

But then, these days, I've been witnessing more and more of these sweet little moments when they are both playing together. Yes, big brother does boss his younger brother about, and sometimes Lil J doesn't like it. But they love to hang around each other. These are the times which I just stand and stare, and savour the moment. 

These days, the boys get quite a few activities laid out for them on trays. This was one of the trays I prepared for Lil J, and I hoped he could sort the straws into the cups by colour.

I guided him a little and left him to it, while Junior J was busy doing his own craftwork. I returned to find that the little one was having some difficulty sorting them by colour, or rather, he just wanted to put all the straws into the same cup. I left him to his own devices (I had to cook lunch), and overheard Junior J guiding his little brother ("no, J, you put the yellow straws in the yellow cup!"), while helping him to put the straws in the correct cups. My heart just swelled up with love for these two.

Then, one minute later, I came back to find Junior J trying to make Lil J put the red straws in the green cup. Turns out he gave up trying to help his brother (since he wouldn't listen!), and decided to confuse him instead.

These two. You never know what's going to happen each day with them. But I guess that's the beauty of staying home!

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